About Us

Since 1995

Kenneth Schnitzer, Owner

For over 20 years, Splish Splash Pools has embraced the uniqueness and individuality of Southeast Texas and its’ residents.

Kenneth Schnitzer founded Splish Splash Pools with three primary ideals:

The first being that no pool design should ever be duplicated. Every design is customized to meet the space and the unique dreams of the client.

Second is the idea that a customer should have one contact throughout the process. Whether in the design, construction, or final completion phase, this ensures that Splish Splash and the customer are always in sync.

The third standard is to use only the best qualified and most experienced crews for construction. Our crews are the ultimate professionals and have many years of experience.

These ideals have made Splish Splash Pools and Kenneth Schnitzer a favorite among builders and landscape architects, as well as Houston’s most discerning residents. Our goal is to bring your visions to reality. Whether your dream is an elegant, classic pool design or an entire backyard paradise, we aim to exceed your expectations.

Kenneth Schnitzer
Kenneth Schnitzer

Since 1995

Since it’s inception, Splish Splash Pools has catered to Houston’s most discerning citizens. 

We provide the knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn your backyard architectural ideas into reality. Every job, like every client, is a unique custom dream.

Our Philosophy: Always exceed the client's expectations!